Do It Yourself

Just as I’m quick to share something I love, I’m quick to recognize when I’m falling in line with the trends that steer music in it’s calculated directions.  Trending currently?  The indie rapper who doesn’t lean on a label for support or a push.  The Twitter star with 5,000 followers and a mixtape hosted on soundcloud.  It’s exciting yet exhausting in the same breath.  It could drive a fan to sit hip hop on the shelf, or maybe get real cynical?  I guess it’s all in how you hear the music…

Plainfield, New Jersey based Hoddy, The Young Jedi caught my ear a month ago with his Organized Bullshit tape meant for long nights staring down the lit end of a raw paper and a box of donuts.  Hoddy’s mind is the maze that takes you deep into the workings of present day youth and wonder.  He muses throughout Organized Bullshit on food, smoke sessions and how to keep things light aboard the Base Train with his Jersey Klan.  To his credit Hoddy doesn’t concern himself with fancy chains and jumpman logo’s, focusing instead on the construction of intricate verses and a cadence all his own.  It’s dope listening to a rapper who’d just as soon debate the value of pizza over hotpockets before bothering to bring up bizarre name brands and fancy bottles.

Organized Bullshit drapes its complexities within tracks about every day life in the blue collar lane.  The production is soulful without the nostalgia, boasting a welcomed 9th Wonder feel.  Hoddy splits time between lashing out and looking in, proving age will only solidify the quality of his art.  “Heaven Or Hell” is a picture perfect example of why Hoddy’s music is so relevant in this landscape of dime a dozen DIY rappers.   The song showcases his ability to paint a picture while keeping it just north of overkill.  Best part?  This kid is just getting started.

Pick up the tape at


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