Change Your Mind

What you listen to in the car is similar to a bumper sticker.  The sounds radiating from your idling ride at a red light provide an auditory glance into your inner gears.  Think about it.  If you pull up next to some dude banging his head to Pantera, or a car full of kids listening to Katy Perry, you immediately toss out some sort of judgement.  Remember the scene in Office Space when the unassuming nerd is sitting in traffic rapping along to his favorite “gangster” rap?  You judge.  Don’t act like you don’t.

Lately, I’ve been tuned into a Brooklyn (by way of Jersey and Rhode Island) three piece called Lame Drivers.  Some websites call them a crass clash of The Replacements and a younger, more lean Guided By Voices.  And while I hear blissful moments of guitar pop and flashes of angry punk, I hear bits of 90’s Touch and Go noise bands and the slacker vibe of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.  Heavyweight name dropping aside, Lame Drivers are gorgeously all over the map, as their moniker suggests.

Their recent release, Crusin Classics 2003-2010, is a sprawling career collection that gives you a true taste of the Lame in all its glory.  The tape-quality demos are there in all their cheap-fi classiness.  The pop glimmers and the punk crackles.  All in all, it’s a collection worthy of a listen.  More importantly, one that deserves discussion.  A band this talented and versatile deserves some shine.  You can stream and purchase the record at Turn it up.


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