Nomadic Culture

There is a rich history to Harlem’s mysterious rhythm.  Home to Big L, Biz Markie, Immortal Technique and the historic Apollo Theater, there’s a nationalistic air to those who call Harlem home.  Street smarts counterbalance style while substance on the mic is an absolute necessity.  MC/Producer Nomad is among the new crop of talent continuing to carry Uptown’s legendary crown.

Raised on a rugged diet of Kool G. Rap, Raekwon and MF Doom, Nomad’s take on the game is a focused balanced between street sense and the quiet cool of a jazz DJ.  His recent project, the leftovers, is a showcase meant to broadcast Nomad’s double threat abilities on the mic and behind the boards.  At times he attacks the track like Havoc of Mobb Deep and in a blink lays back and vibes like a young Q-Tip.

Leftovers feels like an amuse-bouche.  His upcoming fall release, Pulp Fiction, will be Nomad’s proper introduction to the world, a full plate piled high for our rabid audio consumption.  The lyricism is here.  The style is evident.  Most importantly Nomad breathes and bleeds NY.  And you all know how we feel about that.  Get your hands on his work at


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