Hands On Fire


Isabel Almeida and Derek Watson do not make cutesy sing-song couple music.  This is not She & Him.  This is not Jack and Meg.  This isn’t music meant for shuffling around your loft on Sunday mornings with warm mug of Earl Grey and a Biscotti.  Isabel and Derek are part of Hunters, a Brooklyn band with the sting of Pretty Girls Make Graves and the burn of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Ironically, Nick Zinner of the YYY’s and James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins handled production for Hunters EP, Hands On Fire, and the result is a piece of nostalgic noise.  Hunters capture the punch of the post-punk explosion that hit a few years back with bands like The Liars and Les Savy Fav.  They consciously care about style and art but rather than take left after and left and leave listeners stranded with a record full of car crashes they veer more towards the sound of Seattle’s heyday.  Somehow the music both plods and stabs…it’s an odd blend.  The punk comes fast and hard, but the structures are built to last.

The EP is available on itunes and www.huntersny.bandcamp.com.  Give it a spin.


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