Wrist Rock

By Mel

What started as a Craigslist ad has now raised more than half a million dollars for charity.

In 2006 Steve Bernstein, then publisher of Relix Magazine, posted an ad looking for the best idea for re purposing guitar strings. Less than three hours later, he found his answer in Hannah Garrison’s reply.  The ad was quickly shut down and Wear Your Music was born.

Already an accomplished jeweler, Hannah replied with an explanation of something she had been doing for years.  Making guitar string bracelets for her friends was already a hobby. The two hashed out the details during a meeting at Bernstein’s office and it was decided that the guitar strings of famous artists would be used to make bracelets. Most of the funds received would go to a charity of the artist’s choosing.

Today at http://www.wearyourmusic.org, prices range from $50 for a bracelet made of strings plucked by members of The Cab to $500 for those touched by Clapton. New artists are always being added and range from classics like Willie Nelson and members of the Allman Brothers Band to contemporaries such as the Givers and John Mayer.

The line of products offered is always evolving and expanding from the original concept of artist played strings. You may now purchase bracelets made from non-certified strings donated by anyone that plays for fun or profit from the “Rock Recycled” line, or even have your own strings made into a personal bracelet. An assortment of music related gift items is also now available including gemstone picks and record bowls.

Working out of a tiny office in Rhode Island, most of the employees of Wear Your Music donate their time to the guitar string bracelet charity project, including Hannah and Steve. This ensures that more of the proceeds from the bracelets and gifts make it to the intended charities. Follow them on Twitter @WearYourMusic to be notified when new artist’s strings become available.


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