No Sleep Till…

By Danger

While you were sleeping on Flint Michigan’s Jon Connor he dropped his acclaimed projects The Blue Album and The People’s Rapper, two tapes which showcased his skills over Jay-Z and Eminem beats. Now we have the aptly named While You Were Sleeping, his brand new tape filled with original beats, smart flow and some top notch features from the BCC/AVM family.

Connor weaves stories and spits smart rhymes over solid production throughout the tape.  While most rappers harp on the glitz and the glam of slinging rock and totting pistols, Connor takes a different approach on While You Were Sleeping.  Instead of glorifying the street life, he takes you on a journey about the come up, the grind and the reality of how it feels to lose loved ones to the game.

Jon Connor has a knack for telling a story that makes listeners want to strive to achieve more than the fruits of the dope game.  Don’t get me wrong, he spits fire and talks about hard times but he wants you to know there’s more to life than drugs and guns.  There is truth behind his words and he’s determined to make you feel it.  His claim to be the best in the world is not farfetched. Hip hop needs to take notice that Flint’s favorite son is definitely here for the long haul.


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