Stack It Up

Youth brings a certain level of undeniable ambition and hustle.  In today’s fast paced, self-serving culture opportunity is placed in the hands of those that get up, get out and get something.  Paperkav is proof positive of that drive.  He’s a hungry Harlem rhyme spitter bringing tremendous energy and style to the mic.  That energy powers his newest project, Ni’jels Biography from front to back hitting listeners with a slice of real life seen through the eyes of a young man on his grind.

Paper’s Harlem roots shine through on tracks like “Shark Water”, “Slow It Down” and “Chill”.  The style and hubris rides like Camp Lo, yet rings relevant and original fitting in with the A$AP’s and French Montana’s of today.  Paperkav’s flow is easy and relaxed.  His attack is steady and confident, and confidence is the golden ticket is this fickle rap game.

The key element of  Ni’jels Biography is its length.  At a compact thirteen tracks there’s no time to drag along or get lost.  You get a tense, crystal clear glimpse of a young man’s ride through the busy Harlem streets. You can pick the tape up here Support Paperkav’s hustle….it’s only a matter of time.


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