Upcycle This!

By Mel

Since it’s launch it January 2011, Project Repat founders Sean Hewens and Ross Lohr have been constantly evolving the Boston-based, socially conscious company.   The current mission of Project Repat is to keep textiles out of landfills and create fair wage jobs in the USA.

In the past two months alone, Project Repat customers have prevented 2,400 T-shirts from ending up in landfills. How’s that for sustainable, eco-friendly, socially responsible shopping?  While these are great reasons to make a purchase from Project Repat, the best reason is the unique, high-quality finished products you’ll receive.

The team at Repat works with individuals, universities, and brands to turn unused T-shirts into functional clothing accessories.  Offerings now include tote bags, circle scarves, ties, and underwear.  Project Repat will take all those concert shirts you have lying around and turn them into a one-of-a-kind, machine washable, 100% usable, blanket.  They make a variety of sizes depending on the number of shirts you would like to include and provide instructions for just how many you need on their website http://www.projectrepat.org/.

The only downside to purchasing from Project Repat, in this want it yesterday society, is the wait for your order. I received one of my items and a personal email from the President of the company letting me know when the remainder of my order will be shipped.  You can feel good about spending your hard earned cash with Project Repat and get great customer service too.

Follow Project Repat on Twitter @ProjectRepat as well as the company’s President, Nathan Rothstein @nrothstein, and be on the lookout for coupon codes to make the deal even sweeter.



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