Dying Angry


Finian’s Rainbow was Broadway show that debuted in 1947.  It tells the tale of  an Irish dude who moves to the southern United States to bury his pot of gold at Fort Knox in hopes that it’ll grow.   That show contained a song called “How Are Things In Glocca Morra”.  Ironically, there is no place called Glocca Morra in Ireland.  There is of course, a Glackamara.

Philly’s Glocca Morra turn up the shredded vocals like Bear vs Shark and Signals Midwest, yet boast a vulnerable side more akin to Weezer. This stuff is for fans of Hot Water Music, Joyce Manor and Small Brown Bike.  The throaty howls.  The whiskey soaked pipes.  The ragged singalongs.  It’s all here.  Fans of that Florida-workingman sound will immediate relate.

Glocca Morra don’t take themselves too seriously, or do they?  That’s the beauty in this type of punk rock.  It’s reckless, yet rooted in real life, which is often a complete pain in the ass.  Their new record, Just Married, is out now and is also streaming at punknews.org.


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