Let The Band Play


California rocker Ty Segall has been busy.  His catalog boasts EP’s, cassette-only releases, 7″ singles, full lengths and countless collaborations.   Segall is known mostly for his indie sensibilities and a willingness to sound careful and controlled.  His latest release, Slaughterhouse, features his polished touring band and is a departure from that crooning, Built To Spillish frailty.  It’s a fuzzier, more reckless affair full of howling, contagious rock and roll.  And it works wonderfully.

The Stooges.  The Mooney Suzuki.  Black Sabbath.  The darkness is evident and my arms are open.  There’s enough wispy Shins cover bands out there to last a lifetime.  It’s a blast to listen to Segall let the noise ring on tracks like “Wave Goodbye” and “I Bought My Eyes” without abandoning his obvious gift for crafting modest, sensible rock and roll.

It’s not out there enough to be called “psychedelic”, and that’s alright.  It’s still heavy and packed to the brim with enough riffs to satisfy the gnarliest of mullets.  Grab a copy of Slaughterhouse.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to fuel my Independence Day BBQ tomorrow afternoon.

Fuck yeah.

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