Triple Word Score

Queens is the current mecca of NYC hip hop.  I can’t seem to say enough.  Das Racist, Children of the Night, Action Bronson, and now Homeboy Sandman.  And like the legends before him, Sandman is destined for the spotlight.  Stack his dizzying wordplay next to the average MC and you’ll see his natural pedigree shine.  There’s no kill switch on him.  He loads up and drops line after line after bonkers line.

Though Sandman’s not new to the scene, dropping a few full lengths, two EP’s and a 33-track mixtape, he’s readying his newest album, First Of A Living Breed, for a late summer release on Stones Throw Records.  The way this guy layers his phrases and metaphors together reminds me of Rakim and Big L.  There’s nothing said by accident.  Every syllable is nailed into place as if without it the entire structure would crumble.  I’m a sucker for a lyricist, and Homeboy Sandman is a true, polished lyricist.

Check out Chimera, his latest EP for a crash course.  Rappers, step your brain game up…


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