Let Freedom Ring

Brothers debut record, Volume 1, comes at a dangerous time for rock and roll.   The TV and radio is flooded with single servings of sugary pop, catchy hook-heavy hip hop and reality television karaoke winners.  Glossy, 30 second style trumps age-old beauty.  So where does this leave a gang of Brooklyn bikers with a love for classic country twang, cold cans of beer and the Rolling Stones?

It’s not hard to understand why Brothers make the type of music they do.  The world is full of two types of people, the takers and tooken.  Thankfully, this band of Brothers managed to wiggle their way somewhere in the middle.  They understand the music biz as much as they understand the hustle and bustle of big city living.   Southern good-nature merely adds to their renegade charm.

The record moves effortlessly from mood to mood as if it’s meant to take its toll on your mind, body and soul.  Brothers have the knack for adaptation.  “Real Long Way To Go”, their infectious single, seems designed to score a silver screen bar room brawl.  In the next breath Brothers channel the energy of Glen Frey’s Eagles circa 1973 on the breezy “Easy Ridin’ Child”.

The band truly smokes when they simply let go.  They play for keeps on “The Apothecary Don’t Carry My Pills” and “Man of Sin”.  Mick and Keef are somewhere tipping their feathered caps. “Whiskey and Loose Women” is a boot-stomping saloon rocker packed with more southern soul than a Bourbon Street happy hour.  The aching desperation of “The Coyote” seems born of a bad trip full of self-reflection and revelation.  By the time you reach the closer “Devils Tail”, you wonder what they’ve got left in the tank.  Truth is, ten songs in and these madmen are nowhere near empty. That’s the beauty of this record.  It takes one listen to slap you across the face, but it’s only during those repeated spins where that slap turns into a settled burn and the truth slowly sinks in.

Brothers don’t want you to smile and nod.  They don’t want you to toe tap and posture for the crowd.  Leave that to the Kings of Leon.  Brothers are live wires.  Brothers rumbled in on the bikes and are leaving with the girls.  They’re cracking cold buds and shooting whiskey.  They’re lurking in the dusty corner shadows of the bar where everyone’s welcomed, if you’ve got the balls to join them.  Play your cards right and you might just get a chance to hitch on and catch a ride right through the night.

Pick up Brothers debut, Volume 1, on July 4th through itunes or their website brothersnyc.com.


One thought on “Let Freedom Ring

  1. These guys are talented. And it’s not just a “wow this one song is good” type talent, if you listen to their album, it gets better and better as each song progresses. No bullshit, it’s written with real soul and a killer rock and roll mentality. I give them a ton of credit for writing songs like Devil’s Tail and including lines like this:

    (Something along the lines of:) “29 years of whiskey to beers bet you reckon my body through hell, I hurt today and much of done chasing the devils tale…”

    (And later in the song:) “We gonna ride right through the night, leave this life behind, you’re out of sight, out of this town, you’re out of my mind.”

    For someone who appreciates good rock and roll as a product of older brothers who always made sure the right tunes were pumping out of my head phones, I can truly say that Brothers from NYC are a talented group of musicians and who hopefully have a long successful career ahead.

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