Soul To Squeeze

Sydney, Australia’s Royal Headache is a blast.  Punk drenched rock and soul meant to both slap your face and kiss it simultaneously.  They’re that oddball aunt at the family reunion that you adore.  She grabs you by the cheek, and leaves a shit ton of smeared lipstick as a reminder…but you love her dearly.

Royal Headache is noisy garage outfit with a range of sounds.  The headline would be a trip… “Australian Band Plants One Foot In The Outback And Other In Memphis”.  The sound is raw and full of three chord jabbing, yet the vocals prove the reaching influence of American soul singers from decades passed.

The music is tough enough to please the punks, but neat enough to leave you wondering what Morrissey would have sounded if he spent less time in the salons and more nights roughing it up in the street.  Get your hands on their terrific 2011 self-titled debut, which has just recently seen the light of day in the States. It’s a quick and dirty, just the way you perverts like it.

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