Straight From The Chi

Chicago’s hip hop scene has my ears ringing.  It kicked off with Show You Suck’s lonely pizza parties.  Then Auggie The 9th brought the hype.  Now the newest addition to my Chi-Town iPod playlist, coming by way of the always dope and on point, is Chandler London.  Chicago art is about youth, honesty and genuine passion and it’s stepping back into the limelight once again.  The style and flair of Chicago is about embracing unique personalities and giving MC’s the chance to showcase the quirks that make them tick.

Chandler London strikes me as an open book.  The introspection and subsequent hesitation on his The Science of Sleep project reminds me of early Plain Pat/Kid Cudi collabos.  The growth is real, the confusion is part of the creative chemistry and the results are eye-opening.  It’s refreshing to hear an artist claim “I think my musics too revealing, and I probably should stop tweeting what I’m feeling.”  There are plenty of MC’s that are going to tell you that hip hop is not the platform for emotional sincerity, while the typical fan would disagree.

Music that relates to life is the art we crave.  Each of us battles insecurities from the second we wake until the moment we pass out.  Chandler London has no problem dissecting the parts of life he struggles to comprehend. In the end we’ve followed him along the journey as the pieces begin to slowly drift into the frame and slide into place.

Chicago.  You some bad motherfuckers.  Keep pressing that gas pedal to the floor, and the rest of the country will have no choice but to run to keep pace.


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