Seven Mississippi’s

New Jersey’s Home Blitz are a sloppy, wet kiss when all you were expecting was a peck; wowing crowds in and around NYC as the “who the fuck was that?!” opening act.  They’ve managed to capture a noisy punk recklessness while balancing a penchant for melody which forms their crooked slacker spine.

Their new home is the Brooklyn based indie, Mexican Summer Records.  And with nothing more than a few 7″ singles to speak of Home Blitz are generating their own special kind of buzz.  The sound rings with a blatant love for Pavement and a bit of that old, Blue Album/Pinkerton Weezer.  It rambles and boils over before running headfirst into a wall of sticky sweet style.

Front man Daniel DiMaggio seems to channel Stephen Malkmus doing Stones karaoke on “Perpetual Night”.  And “A.T.K.” is perfect for a summer drive with the sunroof open while you aim your finger-gun at the stars, shooting them down one by one.


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