The District Poet

Twenty seconds into Oddisee’s debut, People Hear What They See, the motive becomes instantly clear.  This young man will not be content until he’s considered one of the greats.  Ambitious hip hop artists aren’t uncommon today.  Charting rappers make beats, dance for the execs, flash their label’s logo on their chain and sit back and count stacks.  Sure, all that hustle is ambitious, but the quality of the product often takes a back seat to the persona.

Oddisee is a DC rapper/producer with a 90’s soul and a conscious pen.  Behind the boards he’s guided by old jazz and soul records infused with the genius influence of Dilla and Jazzy Jeff.  On the mic he reminds me of a young Common Sense with a mind clouded by Black Thought.

Oddisee released a few projects through Mello Music Group (the other MMG) since signing with the label in 09, but it’s this month’s People Hear What They See that will turn heads.  The album’s production is stellar.  It’s a record for hip hop heads, sounding like the golden era without trading its new shine.  2012 continues to bless us with quality projects.  Pick this one up at iTunes or


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