The Chaos, The Damage

Hip hop tends to break itself into categories, subconsciously.  There are the story tellers, the battlers, the ladies men… the list goes on and on.  One of  my favorite categories is definitely the bullies.  Certain MC’s don’t give a shit what you think.  In fact, they’re going to spit bars at you AND snatch your chain.  Even if your grand-mamma gave it to you.

Mayhem Lauren is a queens-bred bully moonlighting as a slick lyricist.  His hard-nosed, go for the throat approach recalls the early 90’s, when timbs and baggy jeans were the only pieces of the fashion forward movement.  His delivery reminds me of MOP splashed with a bit of G Rap.  Not bad company.  Something tells me once Mayhem shakes the dice and snatches the pot, no one says a word.

Last February Lauren dropped Self Induced Illness, a grizzled slice of NYC boom bap.  Keep your eyes peeled.  Once his big homie Action Bronson fully cements his foot in the door, Mayhem won’t be far behind.


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