El Presidente


The Dream Team hails from East Stroudsburg, PA.  There are a ton of hungry crews out there…but ambition barely explains this movement.  The team consists of stellar mc’s Aj Suede, Teck, P.Sportie, Fate, singer Ashley Johnson and the founder himself, I-Money.  They smell blood in the air…and they’re coming for the weak.  The Dream Team is young, proud and stacked with diverse talent.

May 28th saw the release of I-Money’s debut, Dreams To Reality.  The record throws you into the fast lane of this nineteen year old mc’s hustle packed to the brim with big dreams, major swagger and expert features from his teammates.  Money’s living fantastic, and he’s ready for take off.  His relaxed flow, delivered with a permanent grin, beckons comparisons to Harlem giants Big L and Camp Lo’s Sonny Cheeba.

What’s surprising about this record is that it’s a debut.  It boasts a balanced cohesion in its production and sequencing that some artists don’t find in an entire career.  It feels more mature than it should be, and that’s due to the nature of this fast-changing industry.

New artists are handling their production in-house, booking their own tours and with a high-powered laptop have the best A&R money can buy.  Complete creative control allows fantastic crews like the Dream Team to establish their brand on their terms.  Whether it’s flipping LeAnn Rimes vocal samples on “How Do I Breathe” or tweaking Cool J. classics on “Doin It Well”, I-Money delivers line after line with staggering bravado.

You can grab a free DL of Dreams To Reality at dreamstoreality.bandcamp.com Go get it.


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