Picking Up The Slack


“I’m just an art school grad with a God flow”, claims ShowYouSuck, the Chicago mc with a love for dense instrumentals and pepperoni slices.  And so began my love affair with his newest project, One Man Pizza Party 2: Mo Slices Mo Problems.  His tongue in cheek moniker is a head scratcher being he’s got depth and style by the boutique bag full.

Mo Slices is a fully realized record packed full of quality moments.  Outright bangers like “Blue Lobster” draw from the heavy, boombap of the 90’s while “House Of Yes” reveals Show’s human side, the side that too many rappers cloak behind gimmicks and bags of money.  Show’s more content to wander his own mazes while delivering a smooth flow full of pop culture nods and subtle boasts.  Check “Yesterday’s Clothes” for a splash of that Chicago hubris.  Mr. West, take notice.

Is it me, or are  today’s young, hungry independent rappers serving the chart-toppers one verse at a time?  I’m just saying…


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