Soul Brother

Kendrick Lamar’s been busy booking world famous features.  Compton’s Jay Rock keeps the streets in a choke hold and Schoolboy Q seems content to spark blunts and share bottles with the ASAP mob.  Things are happening at a break neck pace for California’s Black Hippy crew.  All the while Ab-Soul, the last of the pack to put on, quietly fucked around and dropped the most cohesive project of the entire bunch.

Ab-Soul may be the most withdrawn Top Dawg Entertainment brethren and the least “ghetto” hailing from Carson, California but he’s arguably the most talented member of the crew.  Born in raised in a family owned record store, he’s been around dusty crates his whole life and is certainly well-versed in the art of the word play. Citing crafty and clever heavyweights like Eminem and Jay-Z as influences, Soul packs his verses with a careful balance of punch lines and metaphor.

Most importantly, like his mentors Shawn Carter and Marshall Mathers, Ab-Soul effortlessly contorts his cadence to fill any sound space he’s blessed with.  That beat-chameleon quality pulls the stitches of his debut Control System tight.  The record feels flawless and unpredictable, two stellar qualities for a rookie release.  Big things coming from this young man…

This one feels real…I love that kick drum.


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