I’ll Have Another


Everest came to me because of my love for playoff sports.  We’re consumers at heart, aren’t we?  When better to advertise for cold beers than the NHL playoffs?  So for the first time (and presumably last), thank you Corona.  New music by way of the commercial…halleluiah television.

Everest comes off with seemingly natural power and ease.   Not surprising since they’re fronted by Russell Pollard formerly of Sebadoh, Folk Implosion and Earlimart.   2010’s On Approach displays Pollard’s proficient songwriting, but the record never caught fire.  The sounds are all over the place.  The gloomy mood of “Let Go” is a once off-thing of beauty as the record feels packed with solid folk gems meant for slow tipping on a front porch rocker.

Hearing the album for the first time reminded me of Blind Melon’s debut.  Remember the bee girl?  The song was catchy as hell…but the rest of the album hinted that the single was a purposeful touch of warmth meant to draw you in.  Next up is June 26th’s release of Ownerless.  I’m betting on a steady dose of  sweeping pop music sweet enough to make James Mercer blink a single jealous tear.  Major touring and beer commercials have a way with the magic song pen.  But this stuff has heart, and that’s not just the cold lager talking…

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