Rewind The Tape

In 2000 a rock and roll “revival” came around sweeping radio-friendly pop rap and nu-metal an inch to the left.  Thankfully, that created space for bands like The White Stripes, The Strokes and The Mooney Suzuki to rev up the garage noise, button their tight pants and light that Keef-like dangling cigarette.  While many of those bands pumped out a few discs that are likely collecting dust in the depths of the dollar bin, a few still remain today.

The Walkmen pushed into the scene on the heels of The Strokes, who made it much easier to be a hipster in Manhattan.  Unlike The Strokes, who built their empire on robotic rhythms and razor guitar, The Walkmen were concerned with the spaciousness of the sound.  Upright pianos, plodding bass and creepy-howled vocals haunt the average Walkmen track, and it’s fantastic.

They’ve got five records floating around yet I’d suggest you look no further than their debut, Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone.  Heavens, their newest batch of gems hits stores the end of the month.  It’s mopey and full of attitude like the Cure, but not poppy enough for the dance floor.  It took a decade to trim the fat, but they’ve done it.  I can’t stop listening to this one…


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