Now Or Naver

Western Tink is on his very honest grind from Austin, Texas.  I caught this dude on Mishka’s blog ( a few weeks ago and I’ve been spinning his Chilling Like A Civilian tape non-stop since.  Tink and rapper/producer Beautiful Lou are readying MOBBIN NO SOBBIN, their upcoming project that’s got a ton of buzz all over the web.  They’ve got my ear…

Western Tink has a laid back Wiz Khalifa flow, leaning on an off-kilter nonchalance and cadence.  But that’s where the mainstream comparisons stop.  He’s perfectly content in his own skin, minus the glitz and glamor.  And Tink has the goods to stand out, even in a city where you must compete for your airtime.  In Austin, the talent pool is deep.

He reminds me of the hungry DIY types making waves in NYC like The Doppelgangaz, Action Bronson and Mr. MF eXquire.  The best part about Tink, he’s young and just starting to dial in on his incredible talent.  Sometimes I plug my earphones in and this current wave of beats and rhymes reminds me of the early 90’s again…and that’s a glorious feeling.


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