Less Is More


In White Men Can’t Jump, Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes at his very best) tries to convince Billy Hoyle (the always wily Woody Harrelson) that although he might be listening to Jimi Hendrix, Billy cannot truly hear him.  An argument ensues, but they were on to something.  Do we actually hear much of what we listen to?

Aaron Jerome wants you to hear his music.  He knows you can listen to it.  You can click a link or spin a record, but it’s the hearing that concerns him most.  Rather than mug for the cameras and answer handfuls of questions regarding life and love, Jerome creates textured, clever electronic music under name SBTRKT.  Subtract the bullshit and let the music stand alone.  I dig it.

SBTRKT’s self titled debut is a testament to turning down and vibing out, and it’s damn good.  He two-steps all over this thing.  The drums kick off beat and the vocals shuffle in and out unpredictably.  Electronic music is my new flavor of late, but SBTRKT isn’t a run of the mill dj.  He samples vocalists or features a singer on nearly every track.  House music tends to pound you over the head with that 4/4 intensity, but the difference here is the song structure.  There’s something to be said for perfectionism, and that mask definitely doesn’t hurt.

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