Acquired Taste

Love him or leave him.  And with that sentiment, you’re either still reading or you’ve moved on…and I’m not offended.  Mickey Avalon’s gangster-glam is a second short of brilliant.  He’s nothing more than a west coast circus on wax and that’s exactly why I can’t get enough.

Mickey burst on the scene in 2007 with the oddball hit “Jane Fonda”.  Rather than pack his debut record with catchy singles and pop oddities, Avalon slapped us across the chops with a dime bag packed full of sick, sad tales from a Hollywood hustler who happened to stumble on a mic.  He’s not the most talented mc, but what Mickey gives away in form he makes up with style.

Loaded drops Mickey back in his familiar spots… the bar, the backseat and the corner booth with the sweaty leather.  The sex is glossy, the coke is white and the drinks are always doubles.  What you get with Mickey Avalon is a show.  He’s an artist with an act, and if you take it for face value, it’s an out of control blast.


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