Tight Rope Walker

Alex Clare, one time boyfriend of “legendary” train wreck Amy Winehouse, is a bit of an enigma.  A co-worker turned me on to him after a brief conversation which revealed nothing more than Clare was great, but in a way that defied traditional labels or genres.  I spent an hour listening to this guy and I’m still trying to sort it out.

There’s immense talent here.  The dude can sing.  He sounds like Jason Mraz after a carton of Camel Unfiltered.  The music is another story.  There’s no one word or style to align it with.  Imagine Dan Auerbach fronting the Gorillaz.  There’s some car-commercial worthy pop, electronic trickery and a Prince cover all balanced with a hearty dose of blues.

Clare’s excellent debut record, The Lateness Of The Hour, is all about dark times in a lonely mind, but luckily the gloom doesn’t outweigh the beauty.  Put your headphones on and try to follow this from track to track as the sound pinballs around the room.  iTunes has the record for eight bucks, so don’t steal this one you cheap bastards.


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