Head Or Gut?

Baltimore’s Dope Body pummel you with sound.  But once you move past the fuzzy, distorted assault and dissect it a bit, you realize…there’s some melody in there.  Hip hop influence?  Is this a bunch metal kids?  Did someone spike their record collection with LP’s by 400 Blows and Rage Against The Machine?  Do they love Prince and the NPG as much as I do?  I digress.

This is cacophony at it’s finest.  Raw,vicious and creative as fuck.  Noise bands often catch a bum rep, but that’s a misconception.  Homework assignment:  figure out how to make your guitar squeal like that.  Make it sound like hiccups and DJ cuts.  Report back when you’ve got that sound hammered out, and good luck.

Dope Body dropped their debut Nupping last year and 2012 will see the release of Natural History on Drag City Records in May.  Imagine Faith No More dry-humping Shellac in a room full of custom amps and you’re starting to get there….


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