White Privilege


Ben Haggerty knows a thing or two about substance abuse.  Yet when he’s on the mic his stories are told through the persona of Macklemore, the Seattle mc with a knack for delivering reality checks through clever metaphors and phrases.  There’s more here than meets the eye.  Though Macklemore knows his success may have something to do with Eminem blurring the color lines in the modern-day rap game, he’s more of an introspective voice than a boisterous persona or wild split personality.

Macklemore’s flow is more aligned with Aesop Rock than Slim Shady.  He’s more Brother Ali than Yelawolf, and that’s not to say Macklemore is left of center and has no mainstream appeal.  More importantly, he’s an mc concerned with crafting his bars around a central idea. Anyone who knows what I like will tell you that a story-teller is what lights my fire.  One-liners are great, but I enjoy rappers with the ability to piece a verse together and take us on a journey.

Macklemore’s spot on the XXL’s 2012 Freshman Class cover will help him move units, but I’m more interested in what he’s got to say.  Check out The VS. EP for a taste.


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