The Mountain Sound

From a battle of the bands in their homeland of Reykjavík, Iceland, to a couple of buzz-worthy appearances stateside, Of Monsters and Men have the hype machine chugging on the strengthen of their blissfully addictive single, “Little Talks”.  A bit of folk, a hearty dose of ipod commercial pop, and away they go…

Of Monsters and Men come at a time when Mumford and Sons have crashed down the walls between folk and mainstream while weirdos like Edward Sharpe have had no problem finding a home on the charts.  What’s unique about Of Monsters and Men is their collectively eclectic sound, which is rooted in the hushed beauty of Iceland.  The acoustic guitars, the horns, the accordion, the crafty boy/girl harmony, it’s all there.  Toss in some Cosby sweaters, skinny pants and dark rimmed glasses and the mixture of geek/hipster/cool is too delicious to ignore.  Songs on their strong debut, My Head Is an Animal, ring with the intensity of Arcade Fire, yet tiptoe the line of lazy chaos like Canada’s indie darlings, Stars.

If you’re in my neck of the woods this Tuesday, April 12th, stop by Jillians on Pearl St. when Of Monsters and Men make their upstate NY debut.


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