The Art of Giving Up

They look like twelve-year olds but they rock like a big, bad bar band from Minneapolis, one of the hardest partying cities in the country.  Ladies and gents, tonight I give you Howler.  I’ve found the perfect record to bridge the gap between spring and summer.  If this shit doesn’t make you want to roll your sleeves up and your windows down, there’s something wrong with you.

Howler’s ramshackle take on angular New York City snarl is guided by a love for 50’s melodies and punk rock, a combo that fits like a hand in glove.  Frontman Jordan Gatesmith channels his inner Julian Casablancas meets Stephen Malkmus throughout their terrific debut, America Give Up.  British music mags have been fluffing this bunch for a while now, and while UK music journalists normally fellate any band from America with shaggy hair and body odor, this time…they’re dead on.

Turn this up and give it a go.


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