Step By Step

Porter Robinson is a 19-year-old, North Carolina native who just graduated from high school.  Amazing how far a keen ear and a love for video game music can take you.  After a slew of singles and free online releases, he caught the attention of electronic music’s current king of the castle, Skrillex, who signed Robinson to his OWSLA label last summer.

Spitfire, Robinson’s debut EP is a technical knockout.  The sound captures a balance between melody and fury.  The drops are as epic and theatrical as you’d expect and the frantic energy is contagious.  He’s been all over the world the last few months and will make a festival run this summer, including a stop at Camp Bisco, where I’ll be inhabiting a tent for three days.  Nothing like the sounds of two transformers beat-boxing each other to death.

Just when I thought I was too old for this shit…


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