Formerly The Future

The future is a hefty tag to carry…so we won’t head in that direction.  Instead, we’ll say Worcester, Massachusetts MC Joyner Lucas (former Future Joyner) has unlimited potential.  One spin of his track “Words With Friends” and the doubt should subside.  His clever attack reminds me of Harlem’s finest, Big L.

Last May saw the release of Listen To Me, a solid tape under the Future Joyner moniker.  There’s plenty of quality production throughout, but what carries the project is the heavy word play.  Lucas isn’t concerned with flash and filler, he’d rather take up space with truckloads of flat-out skill.

‘Words With Friends” takes us inside the studio, post name change.  His boys toss out words and Lucas runs with them.  It’s that type of verbal dexterity that’s been missing from hip hop lately.  The song comes from the upcoming LFOs project, set to release this summer.  There’s a few minutes of no-nonsense mc’ing here…plug in and listen up.

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