Kings of the Stoned Age

I went almost six years without eating meat.  That’s crazy…I know.  I read some pamphlets, saw a video (thanks peta, you hypocrites) and decided that I could “do my part”.  I was off animal protein, cold turkey.  Just like my odd foray into the land of the lettuce (and pasta), sometimes I feel like the diet around the Shiny Glass Houses kitchen is somewhat lacking and a bit unbalanced. But I can’t stop listening to hip hop.  It’s in my blood.  Tonight, we’re headed 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

This evening Miami’s Torche has my ear hard pressed to the speaker.  Torche are what you get when you give a bunch of metal kids a 120g  iPod.  They blend up what they love; elements of metal, stoner jams and indie rock, then let it all bleed.  Imagine Minus The Bear drop tuning and rocking like High On Fire.   That doesn’t make sense, unless it makes perfect sense.  They’re headed to SXSW this week…but then again, who isn’t?

Upcoming record, Harmonicraft, is due on April 24th.  Enjoy.

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