Heart Shaped Slop


Dylan Baldi is from Cleveland.  He’s the brains behind Cloud Nothings.  One of my favorite bands, Signals Midwest, is also from Cleveland.  Ever been there?  There’s about three blocks of shit to do…and that includes the bars.  No wonder the kids find the amps and guitars and crank them up to twenty.  Like Signals Midwest, Cloud Nothings is a band that understands the influence of noise.

Attack On Memory is their first as full-fledged band and pairs them with sound guru Steve Albini.  Noise is certainly not a problem here.  It’s so perfectly scattered all over that I can’t turn it off.  Baldi’s nasally growl reveals hints of Kurt Cobain’s mean streak blended with the whiskey scrape of Deer Tick’s John McCauley.  At times the music bounces and jams like Sonic Youth or Built To Spill, but if you stick around long enough the teeth sharpen and you’re covered in the stench of teen spirit. The whole thing doesn’t land not too far from Shellac, Albini’s band from the 90’s.

This is my favorite record of 2012…so far.   I can only imagine where this would have gone if it was stretched over 12 or 13 tracks.  These songs seem to expand and develop a bit more with each listen.  Take your time with this one.


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