All In Due Time

I’ve seen Big KRIT live twice in the last twelve months.  His set at Rock The Bells was raw and energetic.  His opening slot on the Smokers Club Tour was more polished and calculated.  Regardless of the venue or the occasion KRIT killed it.  There’s absolutely nothing stopping this Meridian, Mississippi native from climbing to the top of the heap.

His tapes are the stuff of legends.  Cool, spacey, southern soul that gives you the power of UGK and the funk of Outkast.  He’s personal and introspective without sounding contrived and cinematic.  KRIT Wuz Here and Return of 4Eva set the table for 4EvaNaDay, which hit the web earlier this week.  Day is a strong release for KRIT.  It has the feel of a full length, which makes sense as he’s preparing Live From The Underground, his Def Jam debut.  If his last few projects are any indication of what that record will sound like…I’m ready and waiting.

This one is real.



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