What’s My Name?


I love the east coast.  I was born in Philly, raised in NY and spend lots of time in NYC.  I dig Baltimore, North Carolina, New Orleans and Miami.  But there’s something about the sound of California that’s begging me to take a trip.

West Coast hip hop was a huge staple of my audio diet as a kid.  I dissected Snoop and Dre, NWA, and Too Short.  I rapped along to Ice Cube, 2Pac, Richie Rich, and Dj Quik.  The list was long and detailed.  But as I grew up, I realigned myself with the sounds of the places I called home and could relate to.  All it took was hearing LA’s Dom Kennedy to remind me why I’ve always dug the Cali sound so much.

Dom’s newest record II: From The Westside, With Love is a testament to the left coast.  The beats are chilled out and hypnotizing.  The subjects don’t stray much from beats, cash, weed and pretty women and that’s just fine.  Dom seems like a regular guy with a knack for spitting reality through the lens of what he knows best: sunshine, sticky green and bass-heavy beats.

The Doggfather seems to be gracefully fading into the sunset just in time for Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Dom Kennedy to ride through and grab the reins. The new West has arrived.

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