90’s Grime Is Alive

Jersey via California via the dark corners of the underground.  So just where does Bloody Monk Consortium call home?  Hard to tell, but what’s obvious is the rugged heartbeat of this crew.  The west coast production comes from Lex Luger while NJ emcee LABAL-S and Cali’s Leeroy Destroy hold it down.  The end result is a haunting, no bullshit assault of any microphone in their path.

The crew’s latest release is the Dim Mak Mixtape released this past week.  The tape showcases Destroy and LABAL’s verbal battery over punishing beats.  At times the subject matter might shock you, but what’s most impressive is the word play.  The rhymes are smart, sharp and delivered with precision.   This crew has a deep respect for the RZA and his off-beat, unique take on the construction of a beat.  But Wu comparisons aside, Bloody Monk Consortium brings something brand new to the table.  Their relentless verbal attack demands your ear, before they bite it off.

Head to their bandcamp page and support these guys.  Independent music depends on us.  If you’re scared, go to church…you’ve been warned.



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