Reptilian By Nature

I haven’t been to San Diego, but I have one of those tourists books that points me in the direction of all things worthy of spectacle.  Nowhere in that book is there a mention of Crocodiles, a band famous for releasing a record with my favorite title of 2009, Summer Of Hate.  They sound like the Cure with more expensive distortion pedals, or The Strokes if they were less concerned with hair styles and denim-jacket patches.

Crocodiles is the brain child of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell, of Some Girls and Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower fame.  Unsurprisingly, they cook up noisy little jams that are gloomy enough to make you wonder, yet clearly designed with the San Diego Bay sunshine in mind.  They released Sleep Forever in 2010 and this summer will bring us Endless Flowers, their first for NYC’s Frenchkiss Records.  Here’s a little taste from the new one…enjoy.


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