Hardest Working Man In Hip Hop?


Currensy is the Ryan Adams of the rap game.  This dude should put out a piece of shit once in a while.  There should be something that’s just not worthy of a spin…but those of you who know, know.  This kid refuses to attach his name to a project that isn’t pure fire.

After the release of Here, a free EP that hit the web a few weeks ago, Spitta’s right back at it again with Muscle Car Chronicles. This nine song collection was cultivated last year at DD172, the NYC art collective who brought us 24 Karate School, Pilot Talk 1&2, and Blakroc (the hip hop /Black Keys collaboration).

Muscle Car Chronicles is not a rap/rock record.  This is not some half-assed crossover attempt aimed for moving units at the Hot Topic.  This is Currensy’s Hot Revolver.  It’s simply him doing his thing, as usual, over live instrumentation.  The record doesn’t slip for one second, proving once again that this New Orleans native just might be the best at it…


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