Me, Myself and First Serve

De La Soul have always done things a little differently than the hip hop masses.   Be it, slightly more accessible jams, the tendency to joke rather than curse or the lean towards positivity away from violence, this Long Island trio has never tight rope walked between genre’s.  They’re simply, classic.

Their next move is a bit of a head scratcher.  Plug 1 and 2 have transformed into “Jacob” and “Deen”, two would-be rap hopefuls crafting their beats and rhymes in the basement of moms house.  The vibe is all about tearing it down and building from scratch, something you rarely hear from legends in a rap game dominated by money and status.  De La Soul have nothing to prove, so I’m looking forward to First Serve’s debut hitting sometime in April.

“Must B The Music”, a recent single from the project is a light, bouncy track with a cartoony video full of costumes and props.  Again, not what you’d expect, but First Serve doesn’t really seemed concerned with preexisting notions or expectations.   They’re simply looking to start fresh, and fresh it most certainly is.


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