Slumerican Dream

What do British singer Ed Sheeran and Alabama MC Yelawolf have in common?  Not a god damn thing…that is until this week saw the release of Slumdon Bridge, a four-song collaborative EP that jumps all over the sonic map.  Sheeran sings the hooks (and raps a bit on the EP’s weakest moment) and Yela does what he does best…paint the speakers with his unique southern doom and gloom.

“London Bridge” is the EP’s strongest cut.  The five-minute confessional finds Yela penning the tale of a wayward man with one hand wrapped around the bottle and one foot in the grave.  There’s a terribly painful honesty in his delivery, a knack for cadence.  It seems to me that Yelawolf is going hard on each and every track.  Rookie status is distant memory.

As for Sheeran, he’s currently taking the UK by storm.  He’s nominated for best-new, best male, and best record at the Brits next week.  Somehow his gentle croon slides right into place alongside Yelawolf’s hiccuping punchlines.  The EP is free everywhere.  You can cop it at I’m still wrapping my head around this one…


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