Leading the Resistance


It’s about time hip hop gets back to the blue-collar roots it originated from.  The days of necklaces, sports cars, popping bottles and all that  is long gone.  We’ve heard it all before.  We’re bored simply because it’s boring.

Rappers like Ohio’s Stalley, North Carolina’s Phonte and Flint, Michigan’s Jon Connor are all about grabbing rap by the neck and hollering in its ear.  The message is simple and well worth the wait… hip hop needs lyricists again.  A few years ago Nas proclaimed “hip hop is dead” and I laughed it off.  But he was on to something.  Lately, the rap game has been a joke.  Thankfully, MC’s like Connor are sticking around to slap the pieces back together, one clever metaphor at a time.

Connor’s been banging out quality mixtapes for a minute now.  His Vinny Chase: Season 1 & 2 projects are tremendous.  His latest, The Blue Album finds Jon spitting ferociously over his favorite Shawn Carter beats.  The best part is, Hov would be proud.  Connor is  dangerous with his wordplay and out for blood.  There’s a handful of verses on The Blue Album that are more impressive than anything on the charts today.  The peoples rapper is here.

Get your hands on this freebie here http://www.mixtapetorrent.com.  Enjoy.



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