No Soup For You

last fm

It must suck to have a famous dad.  It must be even tougher when that dad is new wave icon Ian Dury.  Luckily, Baxter Dury doesn’t spend too much time worrying about the father/son comparisons…he’s got his own shit to sift through, and he does so with the cockney grit of a normal working lad spilling out his head over a few pints and far too many smokes to whoever will listen.  2011’s Happy Soup is genuine introspection at its best.

Baxter makes mopey pop music way too much fun.  His cynical take on life and love is actually a breath of fresh air, when it should depress the hell out of you.  There is a complete desperation in the music and the outright delivery of Baxter’s lyrics.  It’s sparse but reminds me at times of Blur, complete with heavy-handed confessions over bass lines and tinkering pianos.  It’s not for the lighthearted, but it doesn’t always have to be, does it?

This is a headphones record for those nights when you have to make some sense of things on your own.  Enjoy.


One thought on “No Soup For You

  1. Another great review. I’ll be checking out happy soup s soon as I get out of work today. Keep up the good work.

    -Gronk This-

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