There He Go

Kendrick Lamar is the black hippy who charmed the pants off the critics and bloggers last year with the incomparable Section.80, which many considered a “mixtape” but was truly one of the best hip hop records of 2011.  Since it’s all about ushering your crew through the door, one deal and one record at a time Kendrick made way for Jay Rock who gladly reminded us what “gangster” rap was all about.  Top Dawg Entertainment was officially on the map.

Enter Schoolboy Q, whose Habits & Contradictions record is proof positive that the pimp need not carry a jewel encrusted cup.  This day and age all you need is a blunt, a 40 ounce of something malted and a truck load of hard production.

This record is an unrelenting ride through the land of drugs, cash flow and material girls.  Q needs women, weed and designer gear to keep his mind right.  If sex is a weapon, Schoolboy is going to shoot.  Thank god this dude doesn’t have a LCD projector plugged into this brain, because I don’t think I’d be able to handle what might hit the wall.

This is the sound of 2012.  Hands on the wheel kids, it’s going to get real weird.


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