It’s Their Party

Every once in a while I make a quiet declaration to stop listening to heavy music.  I argue that I’m getting too old for “hardcore”, and that I’m not as angry as I was when I was in college.  It’s no use.  I love the energy and angst.  New bands and sounds come along and remind me why I used to get kicked in the head in mosh pits to begin with.

California’s Ceremony are a violent breath fresh air.  They remind me of Bars, a short-lived side project from the dudes in Give Up The Ghost, Hope Conspiracy and Death by Stereo.  They relentlessly grind it out like LA’s The Bronx yet still manage to dose up a bit of finesse sounding like it would fit perfectly on a tiny, seedy stage on The Sunset Strip, circa 1995.

Ceremony have put out a few full lengths on Malfunction and Bridge 9 including 2010’s stellar Rohnert Park.  2012 will see Ceremony’s first release, Zoo, for Matador Records.  They sound bored to death, pissed off and well-versed in hardcore music history.  You’ve been warned.


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