Solo Cups and Crystal Palace

Party Supplies is the dj/production alias of Justin Nealis, resident of Queens who happens to be a walking encyclopedia of nifty samples and break record sound effects.  He can rock a party for you, or your parents.  His crates are THAT deep.  He’ll be a year-end, best- of- lister in a few months and he doesn’t even have a record out yet. You’re welcome.

Don’t lump Party Supplies into the Girl Talk/Clinton Sparks/mash-up family quite yet.  Although his production does lend a bit to the sample heavy, familiar indie and 80’s snippet-catalogs that tons of dj’s use and abuse, Party Supplies is more of an unorthodox one-man band.  His drum machine gun assault is balanced with more synthesizers than Frankie in Hollywood.    There’s definitely a carefree, up all night vibe that reminds me of The Avalanches, a British electronic band who used nearly 3,500 vinyl samples on their debut record Since I Left You way back in 2000.

2012 won’t bear witness to Party Supplies standing still.  His upcoming projects include a mixtape with fellow Queens native, Action Bronson called Blue Chips and a full length at some point between now and the summer on Fools Gold Records.  For now, enjoy the show.


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