Outer Space Via Detroit


Danny Brown, a Detroit native and all around a.d.d-oddball, is about as left of the dial as you can turn it.  His buzz is getting louder now, but it took a guest spot on the stellar crew-cut ‘Huzzah”  remix from Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire before I gave the dude his proper dues.  I had heard of him, browsed by a few articles and clicked a few soundbites, but nothing really stuck.  A friend recommended Black & Brown, Danny’s collaboration with Black Milk, and I’ve been hooked since.  I’m actually ashamed to say it took me this long.

Danny is the type of mc you either love or hate.  Like The Hold Steady or David Bowie, The RZA or The Pharcyde, you either dig it or it drives you crazy.  His vocal range is nasally, sometimes borderline whiny.  Other times his voice is toned back and straightforward.  I guess Danny Brown is a chameleon of sorts amongst the sea of independent rappers trying to make ends meet.  His latest and greatest effort is XXX a mixtape in the general sense, yet has the feel of proper full length debut.

No subjects are taboo, be it oral sex (he’s a fan of both giving and receiving), smoking weed or his struggles from virtual unknown to viral sensation.  He chronicles the daily ups and downs from front to back on XXX, relenting only for a few seconds at a time.  What I love about Danny is the word play.  He’s a menace with a pad and pen.  He’s clever, crude and creative all without giving an inch…his rhymes are as comfortable as nails on the chalk board, but never compromised.

His recent deal with Fools Gold records should take him from hipster circles to bigger venues as 2012 unfolds, and I say good for him.  He’s no G-Unit gangster, but you can definitely find him in the club.  Fellas, hide your ladies.  They’re suckers for that chipped tooth and long, silky perm.


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