Fast and Cheap

“Its like looking through a time machine and seeing my dad and his friends back when they were cool”.  Thank you LittleZappey, you brazen internet video enthusiast.  You and Youtube are hysterical.  Oakland, California’s Bare Wires are exactly what LittleZappey so wonderfully captured in that brief but picture perfect user comment.

At first listen, this west coast three-piece plays rambling, reckless garage-pop.  Tune in and you realize the calculated touches of melody and flair.  They want you to think they’re cooler than your dad and his weekend-warrior Harley buddies, and they just might be.  On any wild Saturday, the dudes in Bare Wires might get mocked all night by the bro’s playing beer pong.  But pass out and there goes the band.  They left with the half-empty keg…and all the girls.

They’ve been around for a minute, releasing the terrific Seeking Love in 2010.  2011 gave us a the bands dreamier, glam-rock record, Cheap Perfume.  They’re playing a few shows up and down the Cali coast the next few weeks in preparation for SXSW in Austin this March.  Waves will be made, tee shirts will be sold.  Hopefully, they’ll make a few for those who wear something slightly bigger than a youth Large.

Mustaches that rad have to be taken seriously…don’t they?


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