Soldiers Story

Wu-Tang burst into my headphones as I began scheming my way through eighth grade.  The woods and apple orchards of my world couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the Staten Island slums, kung-fu flicks and sword fights of this mysterious crew, but I knew what I liked.  RZA pushed the right buttons, his production was so odd and so unique that I jumped on board and I’ve been mesmerized ever since.

As a whole, no crew can touch them.  Pry them apart and you’re listening to some of the strongest mc’s in the game.  Take a solo effort from GZA or Ghostface and put it up against anybody dropping tapes today, I bet you it stands up.  Makes you wonder when these guys are going to slow down?

Raekwon’s New Years Day release Unexpected Victory is irony at its finest.  No one imagines anything but the best from the Chef, and this record barely stumbles.  There’s not much filler here, just Rae’s trademark barrage of high-quality verbiage over a handful of stellar beats from the likes of 9th Wonder, Statik Selektah and Scram Jones.  Wu Tang has nothing left to prove.  At this point they’re merely cementing their place in music history.  Clan in the front, let your feet stomp.

That Genesis sample is fantastic…


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