Pay The Man

I’m glad people dismiss Asher Roth as a frat-boy and a one-trick pony.  It makes releases like Pabst & Jazz that much sweeter.  I’m not sure how many verses this Pennsylvania ginger has to rip for people to give him his due.  And the best part is, I’m not sure he gives a fuck.   Put the hate for “I Love College” aside and press play.

This releases pairs Ash with Blended Babies, a Chicago production team that’s heavy on the boom-bap, but keeps things cool with plenty of horns and offbeat percussion like early Common Sense.  Chuck Inglish from The Cool Kids also gets behind the boards for a few of the tape’s busier, west-coast kissed tracks.   There’s a handful of guests, but it’s clearly all about Asher.

The Eminem tag is finally gone.  The one-hit-wonder label never stuck.  There’s a string of dope mixtapes out there to prove what Asher is all about.  And that’s wordplay, weed and wit.   This late 2011 release is gunning for my top ten list, most certainly.

Ash and Queens big man Action Bronson going for it…

This one is strictly business.


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